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Lexip mo42

By adding a mini joystick for the thumb and the second place in the inner area of the mouse, players can combine actions, fight with complex combos, control their map or vehicle, all performed with a single hand. The Lexip B5 Mousepad provides perfect control of movement and increased responsiveness in games. The edge lighting will animate the game sessions with superb lighting effects.

Discover the perfect combination of precision and speed. Customizable with many RGB lighting modes. Changing the lighting mode by touch button. Integrated metal structure for increased strength. Thanks to 2 different weights that are placed and fixed inside the mouse for a better control in game. The 6 ceramic glide pads increase the performance of the game by providing the player with better comfort and more precision.

Reduced friction on all surfaces reduces stress and helps the wrists to rest during long sessions. Lexip Pu94 Mouse.

Lexip Mo42 Ceramic Glide Feet review

Button type: Omr. Lexip B5 Mouse pad. Non-slip base for perfect carpet stability. Connection: USB Dimensions: 9. Mouse Ceramic Glide Feet Mo Ramp up your mouse by reducing friction.

Technical features Main material: ceramic Shape: round Dimensions: 1. If needed, verify your lift-off distance mouse. You can also changed these settings if you have a control panel. How to use them Simply stick the ceramic feet under your mouse! Their ideal dimensions make them compatible with most optical and lazer mice on the market.

Designed to intuitively master gaming environments, the Np93 Alpha is the first gaming mouse to offer a joystick at the unbeatable price.Glue the Lexip Ceramic Pads under your mouse to increase : accuracy, speed, comfort, precision and gliding quality. Glue the stickers gently under the ceramic pads and carefully clean the surface of your mouse with the included cloth. Note: Do not put them on the original teflon pads, it would heighten the mouse. Stick the pads under the mouse using the included 3M adhesive so that it is stable, you can stick 4 to 6 pads depending on the size, you don't always have to use them all.

Seriously, enjoy. The Mo42 Ceramic gliders offer the best comfort and coefficient of friction when it comes to big sessions, a real treat for your mouse and your wrist. Thanks to ceramic they also work on both rigid and flexible mousepads. Configurez chaque bouton de la souris ou chaque axe du joystick. Improve your mouse without changing it.

Not satisfied? Get your refund within 14 days. Extend your mouse lifetime 6 times by adding Ceramic Pads and make it immortal.

Mo42 Ceramic Gliders - Improve your mouse without changing it. Ai-je besoin de retirer les anciens patins? Ivan Hubbard. Added to cart successfully! With this product also buy:. You have successfully subscribed!The Teflon pads on the bottom of even the best gaming mice can get worn down after putting hundreds of hours into your favorite game. Changing from a fabric mousepad to a harder surface might temporarily help, but can scratch the Teflon even further.

You're better off replacing the Teflon, or maybe upgrading to a different mouse if you were planning to anyway. If you'd rather replace the Teflon, you might want to look into a more durable, longer lasting option: ceramic glide feet. Lexip, the company behind the "dual joystick" mousehas special ceramic glide feet embedded into its mouse, and also has a stand-alone, stick-on version, the Mo Not only do the ceramic feet give nearly any mouse an instant upgrade, but they make the gliding motion across any surface smoother, which helps when it comes to gaming.

Depending on your mouse, you might not need to use all the ceramic feet either. The ceramic glide feet are easy to install, too. After cleaning the bottom of your mouse with the provided wipes, peal off one side of a sticker, place on the back of the mouse, peal off the other side, and then adhere one of the glide feet. It should also go without saying to find the right position for the feet before sticking them on; properly distributing them will ensure you mouse remains stable.

And, of course, never block the sensor.

lexip mo42

You might also want to remove the old Teflon before sticking on the ceramic feet to avoid any possible weird friction, but it's not necessary. I should also point out that the Mo42 won't fit into the original foot profile of your mouse like Hyperglides do for certain mice, but that doesn't matter either.

One minor complaint is that pealing off that second side to the stickers isn't easy. I had to use a needle and tweezers to get the protective film off and make sure I didn't accidentally peel off the sticker from the mouse. If there is any barrier to using the Mo42 ceramic feet, it's these stickers because they are incredibly frustrating to deal with if you don't have the right tools handy. But can the Mo42 ceramic feet improve any mouse and your gaming skills at the same time?

Mouse Ceramic Glide Feet Mo42

The Lexip Pu94 mouse isn't good for FPSes, but the ceramic feet could possibly increase precision on a mouse well-suited for that kind of game. Games can vary wildly at different skill levels, especially on quick play, so using shot accuracy as a barometer is an inexact science, but compared to my overall average accuracy of 37 percent with my Logitech G, I scored 28 percent accuracy with the MSI Clutch—and brand new Teflon pads. With the ceramic feet, my average accuracy increased to 35 percent, surprisingly.

This could be do to a variety of reasons: easier match, better focus, etc. Having the Mo42 ceramic feet on the bottom of my budget mouse not only make it glide easier, but I also feel like I have a bit more control over my movements when playing a game. Movement is even smoother on a hard mousepad, as the mouse can now literally glide over the surface. If you're looking for a solid upgrade from Teflon pads, Lexip's Mo42 ceramic glide feet fill a specific, niche part of the gaming mice market that I didn't even know needed to be filled.Each model that I tested was either just a bit off in the way it felt, way more expensive than what I wanted to spend, or worst of all, corded.

So when Lexip offered the chance to upgrade my current mouse with some new shoes, I decided that I would give them a try. Lexip Mo42 Ceramic Glide Feet are add-on upgrades for your existing mouse which provide a more precise mousing experience.

The Mo42 Ceramic Glide Feet, like beer, come in a 6-pack in a colorful container. This is where the libation simile will stop. The full-color packaging shows off the mouse feet via transparent window and cutout on the front of the package. The rear of the package provides some basic sales information in a variety of European languages, including English.

Lifting the magnetic side latch allows access to the package contents which are housed in a plastic sleeved foam and cardboard holder. Each of the individual Mo42 Ceramic Glide Feet is 12 mm in diameter and approximately 1. The adhesive pad holding the foot to the mouse adds less than 1 mm to the overall height.

In-depth description of the product and what it can do. This is the meat of your review. If there are additional sub-headings that you want to add in the main part of your review, use H3 titles use the drop-down menu that is set to paragraph by default. By far the most difficult part was getting the mouse-side adhesive exposed once the dot was adhered to the feet. I had to fall back on my model decal placing skills to get the round backer paper loose from the identically sized adhesive disk.

I chose to only install 4 of the 6 feet as this matched up with the number of original pads on the mouse. I would love to provide a detailed specifications about the coefficients of static and dynamic friction, but I sadly do not have access to force gauges that have fine enough resolution to measure the movement of the mouse.

However, I did perform some surrogate testing by building an a-frame and swing arm from LEGO Technic pieces and used a large novelty eraser as both the swinging weight and striker to measure how far my mouse traveled when given an impulse from test rig. The mouse was not constrained as to travel direction.

Measurements were made perpendicular to the axis of the swing arm. The raw results were not as impressive as I had hoped based on the sales material, but showed a both a practical difference and a statistically significant difference between the two groups.

The increased standard deviation in the Mo42 data is due to the mouse traveling at an angle to the the perpendicular measurement axis. All distances are in cm. OEM Mouse Pads: From a purely subjective standpoint, I will say that the Mo42 Ceramic Glide Feet feel like they have a smaller difference between the coefficient of static friction and the coefficient of dynamic friction.Meet Mo Ceramic glide feet or nubs that will stick to the underside of your mouse to improve precision and gliding.

I got to see the product firsthand at CES The Mo42 ceramic glide feet will be available on Jan. Each ceramic glider measures 1. The company behind the Mo42, Lexip, actually made its name on Kickstarter, making the Pu94 gaming mouse.

The Pu94 implemented ceramic feet instead of the usual Teflon material that mice use to ensure non-stickiness. The reason that Lexip decided to go with ceramic instead of Teflon is that ceramic is more durable and actually increases glide. When I tested a mouse using the ceramic feet, I was impressed with how well it practically slid off the table. The best part is that Mo42 is easy to set up on any mouse that you already own. Once you clean the bottom of your mouse with the included sticky tape and alcohol wipe, you just peel the bottom layer of one of the feet to expose the adhesive, then stick it to the bottom of the mouse.

This puts the Mo42 ceramic glide feet right below the threshold. The Mo42 is perfect for anyone attempting salvage an old mouse with withered down Teflon, and I am pretty excited to see how the accessory will affect the performance of my own mice while gaming.

Tom's Guide. Image credit: Tom's Guide The best part is that Mo42 is easy to set up on any mouse that you already own.In addition to the obvious gain in precision over a standard Teflon coating, it gives your mice a second life without even changing them.

The comfort provided by the reduced friction on all surfaces reduces the effort and gives your wrist considerable support during long sessions in front of the computer. The solidity and durability of ceramic is also well beyond question. How to use them: Just stick the ceramic feet under your mouse after carefully cleaning the base with the included cloth, their dimensions make them compatible with all optical and laser mice on the market.

Shipping Ask about this product. Dimensions: 1. Have a question? Mo42 Ceramic Gliders - Improve your mouse without changing it. Gael R. I would instanlty give this five stars if they were a bit thinner. I love them and have them on my G Wireless mouse and it works just fine. Even with the fact that I can't change the LOD on the G it still manages to track however it does need to be placed firmly on the mousepad and can't necessarily be lifted in the slightest, took some getting used to but I do very much enjoy them!

Hopefully in the future they will make thinner versions! The glide is best when paired with a plastic hard pad in my testing, still works wonders on cloth though.

lexip mo42

Compared to hyperglides or other aftermarket skate replacements for mouse feet these surpass the glide tremendously. Super sensation. J'adore ces patins, la sensation est trop bonne!

Added to cart successfully! With this product also buy:. You have successfully subscribed!Shipping : Business Days. Download Control Panel. Mouse Ceramic Glide Feet Mo If needed, verify your lift-off distance mouse. Their ideal dimensions make them compatible with most optical and lazer mice on the market. Jack Z. There is a huge different between these and softpads and I'm able to flick and microadjust with almost no pre-travel friction.

lexip mo42

I used to use the Ninox Venator's stock feet and they were quite decent, but they just don't compare to ceramic feet. Highly recommend if you want the ultimate glide experience! These are probably the slickest skates I've ever encountered on a mouse. I'm using a steelseries cloth mat and they're still incredibly fast. Using a hard pad under these probably feels like its on ice. The only issue encountered on a Razer Naga is that it elevated the mouse to where the sensor started to get weird.

Removing the stock mouse skates and THEN placing the new ones got the mouse back closer to stock height and resolved that problem. The mouse glides wonderfully. Overall this is a top notch product and I'm very satisfied.

I cannot wait to load up Star Citizen after work tonight.

Satisfied Gamers

Makes your mouse glide super smooth. I might get another box for gf so she can use it at work. I love these glide pads, the feeling is so good! I will buy some more for my mouse at work. Join Our Newsletter Life is too short for boring emails. Sign up to get the best deals, news and more!

lexip mo42


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